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We work closely with the Federation of the wars of the roses and The Sealed Knot Society and often provide a background to their events. In the past we have run bars at Bosworth, Glastonbury and Wrest Park.


In the winter months we can also serve hot drinks such as spiced mead, mulled cider and mulled wine.

Bespoke Reenactment bars is probably best known for its medieval tavern The Stagger Inn.
We provide staff in authentic costume and where ever possible provide period authentic ales, ciders and meads. We can offer both a full bar or a smaller mead tavern. Whenever possible we will use ale and cider from the local brewery but when this is not possible we use Bath Ales.


Although our medieval tavern is most popular,

The Stagger Inn can also be booked in other

historical styles.


We will do our best to cater to your needs and

guarantee a warm welcome whatever the time period.



For more information or book an event contact         07715276809

Richard Phelps or Colin Eade via email / phone.            07768358825

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